Apollo e Dafne

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

In the imaginary space of the myth which takes the shape of a triangular metal plate, Carlo Zoli evokes the story of Daphne, daughter of the river Peneus and mother earth Gea, who fell victim to the skirmishes between Apollo and Eros who shot a golden arrow at him, in response to the provocations of his companion, to make him fall in love with the girl and a lead arrow at her, with the power to repel love. Chased by the greedy god, Daphne flees into the woods and, thanks to the help of her parents, gradually transforms into a laurel tree, preventing Apollo from reaching her forever. The artist has shaped the nymph in her full and intact beauty, despite her limbs having already become twisted branches (with symbolic laurel leaves set in the base at her feet), while Apollo, with truncated legs and face and body which resemble the figure of the vulture, is above her but cannot catch her, although he tries to stretch out his arms. A clear tribute to the courage and integrity of the heroine for how she fought and defended herself from the violence triggered by the “bullies” of Olympus. The distance between Daphne and Apollo is the worthy conclusion of this symbolic narrative, in which the search for one’s ego arises from comparison, not always positive, with others.