Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf
Third-fire yellow gold

Son of Zeus and Hera, Ares is not simply the Greek god of war, he is above all the god of the most violent aspects of the fight, understood as bloodlust; in fact he is the cruelest god on all Olympus. Here it takes shape in Carlo Zoli’s sculpture, like a body contracted on itself; armed with a spear, with a helmet and shield enamelled in red and finished in gold,
the warrior has fiery red eyes, a symptom of his anger which is poured out on others and manifests itself in every thought and every action, yet here he seems to be floundering in a sea of death. In fact, we see him swamped in a cube of resin as if he were thick and congealed blood, a slime that prevents him from advancing, also because, although a protagonist in war events, Ares rarely emerges victorious and more often, when put in difficulty, he flees for cover or is neutralized by heroes, gods or demigods. The artist therefore captures the essence of his presumptuous, evil, arrogant nature, dark sides of the human being; despite feeling a strong reluctance towards him, he chose him as a subject because he finds a parallel in certain dynamics of our time, especially by those who profess the good and the good of the world, but in reality behave in the worst possible way, exactly like Ares.