Unique artwork

Private collection

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

Carlo Zoli pays homage to the Greek goddess of wisdom, arts and strategy in battle, and depicts her as a diva, tall, beautiful and proud. He has softly molded her dress, the one embroidered by the Athenian girls that are received every year at the Panathenaic feasts. It is not armed but bears some of its classic sacred symbols: the ow is the symbol of philosophy and wisdom and the helmet, finished with gold leaf, an emblem of war that it is able to control, determining its outcome through her intervention. The goddess is also the protector of agriculture and crafts considered ‘feminine’, such as spinning and weaving, and she gave man the invention of the plow and the flute as well as the ability to tame animals and build ships.
An imaginary spirit that represents the intellectual qualities of women and their ability to keep the storms of life at bay with their heads held high.