Corsa tra le stelle

Unique artwork

Ceramic – Polychrome terracotta
Yellow gold – Third fire

The horse has always been a source of inspiration for Carlo Zoli.
A universal symbol of vitality and power, the propelling motion of the animal mirrors the impulses of the human soul and its thirst for knowledge. Five elegant steeds in a pack – become one animal in motion – on their way to conquer the stars. They start from Earth, the blue planet furrowed by the meridians that mark the time of men, and launch themselves out of time known, between galaxies and solar systems; they are guided by light and attracted to colour, ready to discover the secrets of the universe or in search of other dimensions.
It’s a tribute to science and to science fiction because it shows the research, the same engine of art, the same tension which makes life interesting. Zoli’s skilful mastery in forging clay and using enamels, patinas and gilding, is his means of transforming the material and, on the wings of the imagination, tell us who we are.