Furia oscura

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

Horse and rider are a perfect combination, an image much loved by Carlo Zoli and recurring in his creations due to the profound symbolic meaning it underlies, representing human struggles and aspirations, between reason and passion. The ancestral man-animal pairing is ideal for depicting the internal drive upwards, towards beauty, justice and truth, which is however inevitably hindered by selfish desires and impulses, and often converted by them into a fall of spirit downwards, into a painful and tormented dimension. With this work the artist expressly places us in front of the dark side. The figure of the enraged warrior is one with his prancing steed and is positioned at the crossroads of battle, represented by a block of dark red resin from which a skull emerges. It is the scenario of flowing blood, of pain and anguish, of defeat or victory, but in any case it is the depiction of suffering, blamed and unacceptable but inevitable.