I quattro elementi

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

Master in shaping matter, modelling clay and experimenting with the potential of precious metals, enamels and ever new materials to be transformed into imaginative visions, Carlo Zoli has staged the personification of the four elements, a common reference to all cosmogonies, to reveal something about himself. In this theatre in particular the artist wanted to represent the meaning of his life. From a surface in which earth, water, fire and air seem to merge, generating shades in continuous movement, thanks to the use of iridescent resins, the corresponding humanized figures emerge, each with its own attribute: the fruits, the waves, the flames, the feathers. They depict the primary elements for the survival and balance of the universe; in fact, they revolve around a circle, symbol of the union of everything, with which three small golden dolphins, symbols of beneficial force, wisdom and regeneration, seem to play. In creating this artwork, Carlo lived a very powerful and almost cathartic sensorial, physical and emotional experience, because the earth mixed with water and consolidated with fire is the foundation of his work which has always been devoted to the ceramic technique, while the air is the oxygen that is at the base of the circle of life, which is nourished in him every day with the breath of his passion: Art.