La Bella e la Bestia

Unique artwork

Ceramic – Polychrome terracotta
Yellow gold – Third fire

The subject of the work refers to a well-known European fairy tale that Carlo Zoli interprets by creating a duet between fairytale creatures. The Beast is a sea dragon that stands on its monstrous coils. The Beauty is a delightful female being that seems to come out of a shell and, with her stomach resting on the back of the animal, remains slightly balanced. The male archetype and the female archetype are in harmony. From the moment they fall in love, one recognizes a part of the other in itself, but their dualism also refers to the psychic world where the bestiality of the infernal subconscious makes peace with the consciousness. It is the human condition and the protagonists are symbols of the benevolent nature and malevolent; they understand that recognizing and loving baseness or brutality is the way to transform and elevate it.