La lezione del Divino

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta, Plaster, Metal, Resins, Gold leaf

Made by Carlo Zoli in honor of FantastikA 2022, the ceramic is a tribute to the great Dragon emblem of the event. The fascinating monster is not depicted alone and it has become a symbol of environmental protection, the central theme of this year’s event.
The fantastic animal is accompanied by the presence of a warrior that is equipped with a helmet and shield, fearless and haughty he stands before him. Here he is, he is the man who, with his arrogance, his greed and his stubbornness, is destroying the ecosystem and has led animals to extinction because he poisons the waters, he poisons the sky and the air he breathes. The Dragon is the divine, embodied in nature trying to react and be respected. His scream is a clear warning addressed to humanity who must address the exploitation of the environment – his home – and learn to respect it to be able to live in harmony and balance.