Mirmidoni con Cavallo

Unique artwork

Private collection

Polychrome terracotta

An ancient people of Thessaly hired by Achilles in the Trojan War, were the Myrmidons who blindly obeyed orders, due to their particular nature; according to
legend, they descended from ants and often acted in a cynical and cruel way. Like the unstoppable insects, they never cease, not even in the face of death. Carlo Zoli shows the side of the aggressive and merciless battle from which he extracts two warriors armed with spears and a runaway horse.
They are skillfully molded into dynamic and elongated figures, enriched with fatalistic details: monstrous masks on the shields, helmets with horns and amulets, skulls and banners on their feet. A work full of undramatic pathos, it’s rather surreal- which attracts us with its mythological aura because, without shame, it recounts the war by revealing its perversion and the destruction that corrupts the human soul.