San Giorgio e il Drago

Unique artwork

Ceramic – Polychrome terracotta
Yellow gold – Third fire

St. George on horseback, protected by a completely golden armor, a symbol of divine light, preciousness and vitality, is about to kill the Dragon, monstrous being – emblem of the
dark side. Carlo Zoli interprets a centuries-old iconography that refers to Jacopo’s Golden Legend from Varagine, with the Sauroctonian saint in defense of the daughter of the Libyan king of Selem; a miracle that will lead to the conversion of the people.
The artist’s hand has skilfully shaped three figures intertwined in a spiral that generates multidirectional thrusts; the hero dominates the monster, falling from above in balance on his soaring steed; the beast writhes on its limbs before capitulating. Zoli captures the dynamics of the attack, then shows when the tamed instincts are placed at the service of the will. Zoli’s task from the beginning is to free the divine nature of the soul freeing it from ignorance, from the most
blind and material attachments.