San Michele e Lucifero

Unique artwork

Private collection

Ceramic – Polychrome terracotta
Yellow gold – Third fire
White gold – Third fire

Yellow gold for San Michele, white gold for Lucifer, fallen from the celestial spheres. With the third fire Carlo Zoli refines his ceramics by enriching them with symbolic references. The commander of the divine militias, once alongside Satan in representing the angelic couple, is now prepared to cast the devil into the underworld for having denied God during the revolt of the angels.
The artist has shaped two splendid supernatural figures: elegant and sinuous, the archangel is equipped with a spear but tames the traitor, with a goat face, with a simple gesture of the hand. There is the victory of good over evil, yet their movements refer to an intimate complicity between the two beings and even more to an indissoluble bond, as their golden wings are fruit of the same element. A common nature that only man interprets as benign or malignant looking for a contact between soul and spirit.