Tra le onde

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

The Greek divinity of love, born from the foam of the sea according to Hesiod, shows itself in all its splendor. Carlo Zoli takes us into the floating world of Aphrodite, symbol of fertility and sensuality, venerated as an emblem of beauty. He presents her to us by highlighting her shapely forms that emerge from the waves, translated into curls of metallic material, while the use of new materials, such as resins, creates beneath her the effect of the sea and the foam that the water generates with the wind and sea currents. A small golden seahorse peeps out on the surface and attracts the sweet gaze of the goddess who admires it excitedly, creating an evocative play of harmonious references. A hymn to the joy of living in connection with mother nature and in harmony with the universe whose parts, according to the myth, attract each other thanks to Aphrodite, towards the generation of a new beginning.