Tutto è compiuto

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Third-fire white gold

A sort of free-falling Icarus stands out at the top of the scene, overlooking a group of male figures, each emerging from their own blazing fire, curled spirals enamelled in red and finished in gold, just as golden is the circle of small stones that stands out in the centre and makes you think of celestial bodies rotating in the cosmos. The box-like space, like a theatre stage, welcomes an action in progress, without a precise reference to myths or legends, but rather evoking the collective imagination with symbolic representations. The immediate reference is to an infernal place with dark hues, populated by souls in search of redemption. However, if we observe carefully, rather than the damned, we see individuals intent on discussing how to find a solution to elevate themselves, driven by the ardent desire for knowledge and the willingness to discover the unknown. The ambition is to be able to fly higher and higher, but it is inevitably necessary to deal with one’s own limits and the limits imposed by others which, in essence, clip one’s wings and bring one back down to earth, to an earthly life full of obstacles and not always favourable.