A Passo di Danza

Unique artwork

Private collection

Polychrome terracotta

The centaur woman with the cloaked head is doing a dance step following the notes of the dìaulos played by his knight, a sprightly satyr, and together they advance joyfully, without any worries whatsoever. Giving a feminine aspect to the traditional male figure of the centaur, Carlo Zoli overturns his typical character, from irascible, violent and savage, to sober, calm and joyful. A curious and elegant being with a smiling face, driven into adventures of life from the music by the travelling companion; that strange being that comes from the woods and mountains is a minor divinity but is a spirit bearer of fertility and Dionysian strength. The two hybrid characters, the fruit of fantasy and references to mythology, in which the human soul merges with that of the animal, are in perfect connection with nature and eager to reap the benefits.