Unique artwork

Private collection

Polychrome terracotta

Hooves in the wind and steeds soaring like a motion picture. Four horsemen
desperately piled on top of each other, carrying scythes, swords, shields and strange amulets; eyes dug out of the cloaks, one of them wears the crown, for he is the king of the Apocalypse. From the Greek apokálypsis -meaning: to remove the veil, to bring unveiling. In the history of tradition Jewish, Christian and Islamic, it is the revelation of prophecies such as the resurrection from the dead, the day of judgment, heaven and hell; beliefs that have been secularized in contemporary society but remain immutable emblems of good and evil. In the figures of Zoli appear zombies or mummies that seem to have come out of a horror movie but are not fictional at all, as they embody the truth of art, bring out storms, disasters and death, the consequences of the seed of hatred and human presumption.