Dafne la Grande

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta

Ddàphne in botany is the laurel and takes the name of the nymph who, according to the Greek myth, preferred transforming into a plant rather than giving in to unwanted love. Carlo Zoli shapes this heroic figure giving her a confident and serene gaze, she is at peace with herself, satisfied with her decision. The artist’s mastery honors Daphne, wrapping her tapered body in a soft vegetal envelope, made of sinuous branches and large leaves, finished with iridescent patinas; racemes that replace its limbs but also protect it like a cocoon, and welcomes like a mother. The nymph who loves her own inner freedom has chosen stillness of the tree and by not giving in to undergo the male will, it becomes a symbol of great feminine strength, determination, sacredness. Even the god Apollo will finally accept her eternal chastity and he will pay homage to her by creating a crown from its branches, the universal symbol for him and for all poets and musicians.