I Cavalli Immortali di Achille

Unique artwork

Ceramic – Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

The greatest hero of the Trojan War and an imperishable demigod, as he was immersed as a child in the waters of the Styx, Achilles is a symbol of strength, courage and determination but, at the same time, of fear and vulnerability. In fact, he was invincible, but as we know he had a weak point: his heel, which cost him his life. Carlo Zoli pays homage to this legendary figure by portraying it as a simulacrum at the top of a votive column. As per tradition, it had a commemorative function of triumphs and at the same time of gratitude from men towards the gods, to which two steeds are welded in plastic poses. They are the immortal horses Xanthos and Balio, given to the swift-footed by his father Peleus to face the Trojans, who accompanied him until the end of his days. One is facing
downwards and the other is upside down with its paws swinging in the air, to underline the dual nature of their master, a great warrior but often out of control – the famous wrath of Achilles – and overwhelmed by emotions for better or for worse. The classic example of a borderline figure who constantly experiences the alternation of negative and positive thoughts throughout his existence. His horses, thus represented, follow him and manifest his contradictions.