I Guardiani del Tempio

Unique artwork

Ceramic – Polychrome terracotta
Yellow gold – Third fire
White gold – Third fire
Bronze – Third fire

Flaming red cloaks and shields, sharp gold and bronze helmets, sparkling armor, in
this ceramic finished with enamels and metals; three stalwart soldiers armed with spears are tightly closed together and carefully monitor the surrounding space in every direction. They are protecting an imaginary Temple, guardians of the soul, temple of the spirit. The building is consecrated to the cult of the divinities and it’s the abode of the unseen god, but it also represents anything that is worthy of respect or veneration, as noble, sacred, absolutely great and important for human life: Justice, Faith, Charity, Art, Nature; Carlo Zoli leaves the decision to the onlooker who must decide which Temple to defend in their own soul, identifying themselves in the sculpture.