Oltre la Porta

Unique artwork

Polychrome terracotta
Gold leaf

A mysterious creature on it’s steed is about to cross – or maybe it just did – a gilded frame; an enchanted threshold that leads to another world. A skull and a small animal, also covered with gold leaf, refer one to the otherworldly, the other to
fairy tale, while the female body in torsion, devoid of upper limbs and wrapped in metamorphic armour, it is unified with the horse – in harmony with nature – and it’s a symbol of dynamism and change. Even the unknown must be faced with courage, as suggested by the serene gaze and confidence imprinted on her face. Maybe she is a seer or maybe she is a fairy but, through the creativity of the artist, shows imagination as a driving force of existence in facing the challenges of life. An example of the fairytale art of Carlo Zoli that always comes from a mixture of history, mythology and legend, into extraordinary and surreal interpretations.